Important message about MAGNIFIED HEALING

There are some Magnified Healing teachers in several countries in the world who, unfortunately, are teaching with copies of the manuals and make their own certificates and Essence instead of giving the official Magnified Healing teaching material to their students.  Also some teachers are teaching MH 3rd Phase ‘Light Healing’ Practitioner workshop while they are not certified to teach it.  Some teach the Magnified Healing courses under another name; in one day or only a few hours; or teach online and put the manuals online to be downloaded, and/or do the Initiation at distance with or without teaching the course.  This is against the guidelines and instructions we have received from our beloved Kwan Yin.  It is also an infringement of International Copyright and Trademark laws as all Magnified Healing texts are protected under International laws.  This is also against Cosmic laws which teach us unconditional divine love, integrity and impeccability which is what Magnified Healing is about.  Doing so will cause confusion, mistake or deception in those familiar with Magnified Healing and dilute its value.  It compromises the integrity of the energy and denies the full essence of the teachings the students should receive.  It also prevents the students from teaching or learning the more advanced courses because they are not officially certified to do so.  For this reason, we kindly ask that you use discernment in choosing a teacher and we strongly suggest that you contact us directly or the representative of your country where there is one, to ascertain that your teacher of 1st Phase, Celebration or 3rd Phase ‘Light Healing’ Practitioner workshops is officially certified to teach these classes and teach them in total integrity and impeccability.  A certificate of 3rd Phase ‘Light Healing’ Practitioner does not confer the right to teach the 3rd Phase.  This teacher needs to be certified as a Master Teacher of the 3rd Phase.  Please ask to see your teacher’s credentials.  All official Magnified Healing certificates are very unique and cannot be reproduced.  Do not rely on a copy of certificate they might show you because it could be a copy of a copy.  Instead please contact us at for verification.
Please visit the Online Store page to view the official teaching material that you should receive at your workshop.  Do not accept any substitute.  Thank you!

(message from Gisèle)

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